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The gods trampled the land. The sky broke, and the ground was shattered. Long ago people walked between worlds, but all that remains is dust and stories. Ancient ruins jut from the desolation, like colossal broken teeth. Each a reminder of a giant civilization from distant memory.

Many call it home

Living among the bones of this broken world are many a being, both kind and cruel. They eke out an existence as best they can.


There are few humans of note. Most were lost long ago in the Spirit Wars. Yet legends tell of humans awakening from slumber and changing the course of the world.


Living in remote and harsh regions brute force and quick reflexes are required for daily survival. Stock are muscled and quick, short of height with long arms, they are able to climb the jagged terrain of the wild-lands.


Canine bipeds vary greatly in size and social groups. There are savages living in the wild-lands on one end of the spectrum, and packs governing cities on the other. Either of which could be friendly or hostile. Lone Vulf are farily common, wandering through life looking for their next meal.

Main Page

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